Martin Waldseemüller

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A very influential German cartographer and scholar whose works include the first to map to South America as a continent separate from Asia. Waldseemüller's ‘Cosmographia’ (1507) contains the first printed instance of the name ​“America. The book was accompanied by a set of small woodcut map gores, the first known printed gores for a terrestrial globe ever made. These were a companion to the ‘Universalis cosmographia...’, a great woodcut world map produced by Waldseemüller in 12 sheets, and the first printed wall map of Europe. Waldseemüller published a revolutionary edition of Ptolemy’s ‘Geographia’ in 1513. In addition to 27 maps of the “old” world, it included a supplement of 20 new maps, including of the “new” world. A second edition of Waldseemüller's atlas was printed In 1520, featuring his famous "Admiral's Map".

A black and white painting of Martin Waldseemüller, a man with long hair, who's looking away from the viewer and is sat down in front of a piece of parchment.