Timeline reference

  • 753BCE

    Ancient Rome is established; the arts, science, and trade flourish.

  • 600 BCE

    Anaximander of Miletus produces the first known world map, representing the Earth as a cylinder.

  • 600 BCE

    The Babylonians begin producing local maps carved into stone tablets, some of the earliest maps ever recorded.

  • 520 BCE

    Hecataeus of Miletus produces a world map, representing the Earth as a disc made up of two continents, surrounded by an ocean.

  • 515 BCE

    The Greek explorer Scylax voyages to the Mediterranean. The record of his journey becomes the basis for Medieval maps of the region.

  • 500c BCE

    Geographical writing begins in China: the Book of Documents describes the characteristics of China's nine provinces.

  • 490c BCE

    Pythagoras hypothesises that the Earth is a sphere.

  • 430 BCE

    Herodotus travel to Europe, Asia, and Libya. He documents his voyages in a manuscript called the "Histories".