Johannes Janssonius

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Son-in-law of Jodocus Hondius. Janssonius’s first independent work was an edition of Blaeu’s ‘Licht der Zeervaert’ (1620), however, from 1633 he is associated with the Mercator-Hondius atlas, and from there on in, the houses of Blaeu, and the partnership of Hondius and Janssonius, enjoyed an intense rivalry. In 1657, Janssonius released his beautifully rendered Historical Atlas. A few years later, his ‘Atlas Major’ was complete, with Andreas Cellarius’s celestial atlas.

Black and white full body portrait of Johannes Janssonius, a man with short hair and a beard. He's pointing at a map and lifting his robe to reveal a globe beside him. In the background, there are other people talking at a table.