Jacques Bongars

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Jacques Bongars was a French diplomat and scholar. He is most well-known for chronicling the history of the Crusades. Bongars acted as a diplomat for the French King, Henry IV and was sent on missions around Europe. Bongars’ work reflects the sixteenth century fascination with reviving the Crusades; he created a mappa mundi-portolan hybrid map based on the fourteenth century mapmaker, Pietro Vesconte’s nautical charts. In the map, Jerusalem is placed in the centre. This reflects the early Christian belief that the Holy Land was at the centre of the Earth.

An oil painting of a Caucasian man with grey hair and beard, wearing black clothes featuring a white, square colour. He stands behind a desk that is just visible, and is holding a book in his left hand and a white piece of paper in his right hand. Green drapery decorates the top right of the painting. The subject's name is written on the top left.