About the Sunderland Collection Art Programme

The Art Programme connects cultural heritage and contemporary artistic practice from around the world.

For generations, humankind has attempted to understand the Earth and the cosmos. Antique maps capture this evolution and provide a fascinating lens for contemplating the artistry, science, and concepts that went into creating them. Maps and atlases also form an entry point to the discussion and expression of narratives - and themes such as identity and nationhood - that are just as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago.

We believe that artists are unique visionaries through which to view the highly contextual and complex items in The Sunderland Collection.

The Art Programme is intended to provide a unique focal point for artists to examine themes that inspire them, which could be a particular concept, material, or process. We want to support artists in creating work that responds to the Collection and to explore whatever ideas they like, forming a bridge between these historic items, the present, and the future.

Through the Art Programme, we hope to build a growing, interactive, dynamic forum for artistic expression, analysis and making.